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Discover the Sound of Relaxation

What is Satori?

n. a flash of sudden Awareness or Enlightenment. That “a-ha” moment when all is understood.

The ancient practice of meditation meets 21st century technology in the state-of-the-art experiential room at 417 Satori. Designed to challenge the senses, the satori chair is much more than an environmental experience. At the center of the meditation room is the patented Satori ZRO VibrAcoustic Wellness System, a beautiful lounge chair which gently delivers specific vibrational frequencies throughout the body, physically balancing the energy centers, while you listen through headphones to the Quantum Harmonics sound and music, guiding your brainwaves to levels of deep relaxation and meditative states.

Science has shown that it is in these states of deep relaxation and meditation where true mind/body rejuvenation occurs. This philosophy is the reason we take conscious concerns in creating spaces that tap into the powerful mind/body regeneration. From the moment you experience the patented Satori Wellness System, your senses are completely enveloped in a state of “calm”...

And then, Satori happens.

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What is Satori?

ancient medicine  +  quantum harmonics  =  advanced sound healing

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The Satori Chair is one of the most unique wellness and relaxation tools available for deep relaxation, chakra balancing, and meditation. As well as a rehabilitation for individuals suffering from addiction, depression, obesity, anxiety, and insomnia. The chair allows users to experience an incredibly deep meditation state completely relaxing the mind and body.

Satori is for you!



Ann M.

Relaxation. A journey of vibration and sound taking you where your soul may guide. Try it to melt away stress.

Kelly G.

Amazing experience that I can only describe as a magic carpet ride. Can't wait to experience this again.

Jann B.

I have never been able to LET GO and be taken to place of relaxation so quickly. I did not want to leave. Can't wait to enjoy it again!

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